Mara Marini

Mara Marini plays "Brandi Maxxxx" in the NBC comedy series Parks and Recreation. We met up in Manhattan Beach, California with my good friend Erin McParland on hair and makeup. I love this all natural light series! 

Coachella 2015

I figured Coachella was a great way to test out my new Leica DLux. Here are some photos from my day there. Good times with great friends! 

Sierra Deaton of X Factor

I had so much fun working with Sierra Deaton, the winner of X Factor for the March issue of Irish Dancing Magazine. 

We shot at the gorgeous Swing Studios in Venice Beach, CA

Hair by Sabrina Sanchez using Oribe products 

Makeup by Ashley Donovan 

The Hollywood Reporter

Check out my photos of the owners of Black Box Management used in an article in The Hollywood Reporter. We shot at their offices and on the roof of their building in Hollywood. It was a fun, laid back shoot and the guys looked great! 

Grooming by Vanessa Rene 

Headshot session with Gerald Waters

My apartment is proving to work as a great little studio! Here are some head shots I did for my friend Gerald Waters, an actor in LA.

This was a simple, one light set up. 


Follow Gerald on Twitter/ Instagram @giwaters

Shelby Steadman

I went back to my friend Paul's house and turned the backyard into an outdoor studio for my shoot with Shelby from Elite LA. 

She just moved to LA from South Carolina and I think she'll do very well here. Beautiful, humble and so easy to work with. 


Model: Shelby Stedman // Elite LA

Makeup: Debra Macki

Hair: Sabrina Sanchez  

Kelly Karloff

I've known Kelly for years, we've worked together a number of times. When we both happened to be back in Boston we had to do it again! We got in the car and just drove around Andover, MA till we found a spot we liked. No team, no assistant, she did her own styling , hair and makeup. 

Model: Kelly Karloff // Wilhelmina NYC, Maggic Inc. Boston 

@iamkellykarloff on Instagram & Twitter  


Cherish Waters

I was able to turn my apartment into a studio a few weeks ago. My favorite makeup artist Debra Macki was in LA so I had to do something with her. 

Cherish came over and we had an awesome shoot! 

Model: Cherish Waters

Makeup: Debra Macki

Hair: Sarah Diaz  

Paul DiGiovanni

Paul is the lead guitar player for the platinum selling band Boys Like Girls.

I turned his backyard into a studio a couple weeks ago. See more of him in my Entertainment section.

Follow him on Instagram/Twitter @PaulBLG

Dani Vitale

I had a blast working with dancer Dani Vitale! 

She has performed with Rihanna, Demi Lovato, Jonas Brothers, Katy Perry, Beyonce and many others! 

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